Hello there,

Welcome to my website and blog. This is going to be used as an opportunity to develop my online presence in accordance to Edinburgh Napier University’s module Production & Professional Practice. You will find written blogs, news, pretty photos and tutorials all based upon sound production values. I will aim to update this weekly, however as I’m new to blogging, it may not pick up for a while or never.

As for myself, I am assigning myself as a live sound engineer, producer and studio engineer. Through the next year, I will learn a great deal about my trade, and so I present to you my virtual learning curve. Through posting blog entries, I reckon it will tell me a lot about myself and how I connect my words with other people (you, yes you). It will also reinforce what I’ve learned by putting it into words – It’s all very well you can do it, but could you explain how it’s done?

Musically, I don’t have many static influences, as my taste changes all the time. Like many, I’m one of those people who simply cannot answer “What’s your favourite band/genre/microphone?”. If it sounds different, has a good dynamic, lets off a nice vibe (corny, I know) or generally alters my mood, then I’ll think it’s great.

I love things that sound daring or have been produced differently. There’s no right or wrong answer in this industry – everything is based on subjective judgement and it is my job to produce work that appeals to the listener, but delivered in a unique way.