Best be prepared, eh?


After finally getting to grips with uni again (yeah, it took three weeks), it was soon realised it was time to up the ante. As last year’s sufferers clearly stated – “Fourth year is no joke. No joke.”. Since the year will no doubt become bleaker and bleaker, it is essential to prepare for it as much as possible. I don’t always sound this optimistic.

New gear

I hope to acquire a number of things soon which will contribute to my small flat studio setup. Currently, I run no recording platform, as Apple’s transition to Intel has left thousands of us stranded with no compatible software. Looking forward to the jump from Pro Tools 8 LE to version 10, as I’ll finally be able to take my sessions anywhere – recording live gigs, mixing on the train, archiving different engine noises from the street (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Along with summer’s big purchase – a new MacBook Pro, I want to upgrade my RAM so that Pro Tools doesn’t throw a strop at me for hitting the spacebar. 16GB ‘oughta do it.

Next has got to be new studio monitors. I’ve used this haggared old AIWA amplifier to power these ancient Taiwanese factory cabinets for too long now. There is a severe imbalance from LR and the power handling ratings aren’t compatible in the slightest. Ohmy God. Been looking at either Yamaha HS50Ms, KRK Rokit 6s or M-Audio BX5 D2s as a cheaper option. Any suggestions?


Without work there is no money, and without money there is no new gear, and without new gear there will be a trembling ball of stress resembling the latter stages of Brian Wilson’s mix insanity, residing in the corner of the MIDI labs using that ‘precious’ final slot allocation to wait patiently as the beachball of death taunts you. So you guessed it, I like to take uni work home with me.

I’ll continue to work at The Wee Red Bar as resident sound engineer, as well as the odd shift in other venues such as The Third Door. It’s also great to lift heavy shit from time to time, too. I do this with Diamond Event Services where I’m hired as Support Crew, having worked on recent events for TED Global and at the SECC in Glasgow. The more comfortable I feel with uni work, the more I want to experience proper freelancing. Now and then I’m called up to sound a show, this is where the real buzz comes from and as much as I like venue work, my first tour is a not-too-distant objective.

Having performed with north-east band Ceilidh Stomp for the past two years, I have managed a steady income from wedding gigs, allowing myself some pocket money!

Hopefully by having the time to make some money, I can purchase the new toys I want. Overall, they will definitely contribute towards my productivity in the Production & Professional Practice module.


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