Signe Jakobsen – What Have You Done To Me?

Here is part 1 of 2 of my mixing assessment for my Production & Professional Practice module.

Signe Jakobsen is a Danish-born singer/songwriter and I mixed her track What Have You Done To Me?. After extracting the files from Mike Senior’s multitrack library, it was good to notice others had posted their remixes the song. This became homework listening and acted as references for my own mix. I gained from ideas which I thought were useful, but mainly from parts of the mixes which I thought didn’t work i.e. too much reverb, bass too prominent.

It was my first real attempt at mixing a pop/rock tune, so I relied on Mr. Dave Pensado (the legend himself) to explain to me a little more clearly some of the key issues and differences when mixing for a specific genre:

Just look at his cheeky smile!

Here’s a wee clip of a test I ran at work on the PA. It was really useful to hear that mix on a larger system as it exposed the width I had created. I also ran the whole track in mono in order to identify issues with phase relationships and their coherence. Luckily, it didn’t suffer too greatly, however I noticed things like cymbals sounding a little mushy.


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