These are old… Stay tuned for some more developed examples of my work. Bear with these for now, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more!

Let Love Rule
Their first EP is finally upon us! I recorded and mixed full pre-production demos for the band before they took to the studio to record. I then recorded the vocals, mixed the EP and co-produced on some of the tracks:

Phil Allen
Guitar solo excerpts from John Mayer’s live album Where The Light Is. Phil transcribed these as part of a university assessment:

Uni Mix Project 2
Another mix from a uni assessment. This time, they were peer-assessed and generally well-received!

Have a listen to how it sounds untouched. This is a bounce of the downloaded multitracks, straight from the dry recording:

Classical Recording
Ben Eames attends Edinburgh Napier University studying BMus (Hons) Music. This is him in 3rd year getting a bit romantic:

Uni Mix Project 1
A mix I submitted for a uni assessment:

Live Sound
A very basic LR example of my live mixing at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh. It’s a small club, so the drums are quiet and the vocals are loud, but it gives you an idea of the balancing issues that are faced in situations like this. Bear in mind these are only LR bus mixes!